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Welcome to River Kids News and Events page for River Kids and parents. We hope you will visit often to keep up with the latest news with River Kids!

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What We Are Learning!

Wednesday, June 4



Join us on Wednesday Nights 
for Faith Adventures as we:

- Learn to hear God through His word
and by listening to His voice 

- Energize our faith through God's love
and by walking in love
- Turn on our faith by speaking
God's word.


Join us on Sunday Mornings
"Our Amazing God"

 "Our Amazing God" is written by Becky Fischer, the founder and director of Kids in Ministry International. This series contains some of the most foundational material needed for children growing up in our churches today. These lessons cover the most basic biblical concepts of God, who He is, what He has done, is doing, and will do. It includes the study of the three persons of the Trinity in great detail, the part each of them played in creation, our salvation, and how they interact with each of us in our everyday lives. They also discuss the basic Bible experiences of salvation, water baptism, and the baptism in the Holy Spirit. The series end with four in depth lessons on how we are created in God's image--spirit, soul, and body.

River Kids Bible ChallengeThe purpose of this challenge is to promote the memorization of
Scripture and the importance of God’s word in all of our lives,
then reward those who work diligently to do so.

How to receive tickets:
1. Bible from home brought to class= 1 ticket
2. Scripture memory = 1 ticket for each verse memorized.
3. Memorizing the books of the Bible= Old Testament- 5 tickets, New Testaments- 5 tickets
4. Daily Scripture reading= 2 tickets.
5. Other memorization work will be added in the future.

Challenge guidelines:
· Each child will have a challenge sheet to record accomplishments;
it will be kept in the River Kids Bible Challenge Notebook.
· Tickets will be rewarded on Sundays and Wednesdays.

· The child’s name should be written on the back of the ticket before it is placed in the SERVICE ticket box.
· As a child quotes a Scripture, the reference should be written
down and initialed on the child’s Bible Challenge sheet.
The child should bring his/her Bible when quoting the verses so the teacher can verify it in the
translation it was learned.
· The child may say verses already learned in class or Love Club;
however, verses may only be said once for tickets.
· FIVE(5) tickets will be drawn each service from the SERVICE ticket box.
This reward will be a small treasure box type reward. (one reward per child per service)
· All SERVICE tickets will then be placed in the BIBLE CHALLENGE ticket box where they will accumulate until the MONTHLY drawing(s) for a larger reward ($5-10 range) to be done on the last service day of the month.
· Daily Bible reading & Devotional: The parents will have to verify this challenge. The children should write down what they read every day and the parents can sign it. This should be done on Sundays only.

click here for printable version of bible challenge guidelines

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